Azure Site Recovery

Are your applications safe from a disaster? How much financial hit is your organization willing to take in case of disaster?If you have been delaying your disaster recovery due to cost and complexity, Azure Site Recovery can help with your recoverytime objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) at a fraction of the cost of what used to be when tape backups were stored on off-site location.

Appbeat can help device a plan to help with your RTO and RPO so that you can feel confident that while you can avoid all disasters, you can

minimizing the impact by following the best practices with the power of cloud.

Front Door and Traffic Manager for High Availablity and Disaster Recovery

While Azure Site Recovery can help you recover from a disaster it is still a reactive action.  What if  your focus was to be never down. This concept is called High Availability.  With services like Azure Front Door and Traffic Manager, your applications can be distributed to different geographic regions and using configurations the incoming traffic can be directed one region versus the other. This serves the dual pupose of making the application highly available and handle distaster situation should the primary region go down.

Azure Active Directory and AD Connect

With more and more solutions being deployed in the cloud, security becomes the central theme and security in the cloud is identity-centric. With Azure Active Directory (AAD) you can manage the identities of your users and applications in one place. Also, AAD helps with Enterprise Access Management wherein users can benefit from single sign-on for  both internal and third-party applications such as Salesforce, …,  etc, If you have on-premise Active Directory, using AD Connect you can sync/migrate your users with AAD

Integrations with Logic Apps, Data Factory, Service Bus

Are the apps in your technology landscape talking to each other seemlessly? Or are there manual process where information from one app is entered in to another by some human? While this may do the job, it is no way to run a modern information services oepratons. With Azure technologies such as Logic Apps, Data Factory,  Service Bus, and others, Appbeat can help you orchestrate the flow between your applications so that your staff can focus on tasks that need their attention. Contact us to find out more.


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