Data & System Integrations

Appbeat has established strong alliances with global technology giants like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, as well as niche IT service providers. Our software engineering centers and delivery models adhere to the best compliance standards, ensuring high quality services.

We support you in getting a holistic view of your business by integrating the various in-house systems and off the shelf software. Break data silos in your organization to get insights that you might not get from individual systems.

By Integration

  • Application Integration
  • B2B Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Embedded Integration
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Hybrid Integration

By Industry

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Software and Technology
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Retail and E-commerce


Enable more customers, partners, and suppliers to do business with you by confidently managing any data requirement using B2B integration software. With Appbeat’s centralized B2B integration service, you’ll be able to accept, transform, route, and securely connect and integrate all data types, from any source, to any target.


Reduce onboarding time by 50% or more by automating the re-use of pre-existing partner maps and handle any new data type, of any size or volume with centralized data transformation, orchestration & accelerated data movement. Ensure partner SLA compliance with Appbeat’s end-to-end data governance.


Create new integrations without compromising existing data flows and easily handle increased transaction volumes. Ensure 100% uptime with highly availability and database independence for reliable business continuity.


View all data transactions moving throughout your business in real-time and enable non-technical & business users to access customized data views. Gain deeper insight into partner interactions to identify new opportunities.

Eliminate Errors

Remove risks associated with manual integration processes, data integrity loss or transaction latency

Secure Data Movement

Access a library of protocols to ensure all data transfers & meet any security requirements

Data Transformation

Transform any data format from internal applications and partner systems to any required format

Integration Cloud

Ecosystem driven B2B integration platform enables increased operational efficiency

Accelerate Data Exchanges

Onboard partners and migrate data faster through automated reuse of project templates.

Complete Compliance

Track SLA and mandate compliance with real-time data visibility & governance

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